4 - 27 August 2022

I am influenced by recent pivotal events and my place in the world as a woman. Current events have consistently challenged long held perceptions and seeped into my psyche as well as my work. In the past few years a constant drumbeat of threats that impact our shared destiny as a civilization pushed us into unchartered waters. It has been an uncomfortable place to be.


This discomfort made me realize that a larger frame was needed to understand what I was feeling and communicating in my work. Themes of the environment, freedoms and community were consistently present and I found myself wondering what the bigger picture was. As I considered this, I found myself thinking about the notion of the greater good. In the past this notion tended to center on our shared destiny, interests, collective purpose and a common future. The past four decades, however, shifted our focus to the individual, swinging the pendulum towards extreme self-interest. The inherent flaws in putting self first and society as only an afterthought are now being exposed.


As my paintings took shape, I wrote down words they evoked. These included fortitude, common ground, resilience, resolve, strength of character, sheltering, protecting, self determination, replenish and renewal. These aspirational words give me hope that together, we can help each other revive the philosophy of the greater good and make choices that protect rather than dismantle.