3 - 26 November 2022

The shell of the horseshoe crab is not unlike the armor we build up around ourselves: a personal carapace that protects us from the surrounding world.


Within the horseshoe crab, there are millions of years of evolution. They remain unchanged, a living fossil. The simplicity and beauty of their carapace, made up of three sections, is designed to shield and disguise a fragile body flowing with blue blood. This blood, unknown to them, is sought after by man; an invaluable discovery for science.


As humans we must create our own defensive covering. We use clothing, markings, disguises, self-confidence, attitude, demeanor. We guard our own resilience, fragility, reserve, purity, boringness, excitement, and even greed.


Perhaps through greater openness and understanding we can soften our armor and lower our shields to expose the beauty within us.