7 - 30 July 2022

I engage with nature as my guide. I use my senses through my walking practice to connect to my surroundings and nourish my relationship with the land. Vantage Point provides a frame of reference, a perspective, to delve into one component of the landscape; the living, breathing world of plant beings.  


I observed, harvested, and processed the plants using ones found during the winter months and thus became more familiar with a region by participating in its specificity. During this labor-intensive process, and in responding to the materials and plants, the structure for the pieces surfaced. Inspired by order, simplicity, materiality, color, and meditation, the grid helped anchor the work in the spirit of place. 


The process of this work speaks to layers and layers of time, through which an actual representation is diffused to an abstract quality, becoming a poetic statement emphasizing the relationship between humans and nature.