3 March - 30 April 2022

 The assemblage and collage of found materials is fundamental to my art practice. I am fascinated with how the collage process imitates how our minds work in breaking down images and thoughts into fragments of memory.


I construct sculptures out of thrown away materials that have their own histories and tell their own stories. These salvaged materials are not used out of nostalgia, but as a means to create new sculptural forms that challenge issues of urban sprawl, consumerism, and the human condition. 


The title of this exhibition, “Memory Fragments”, speaks to fragments of memory, whereby the materials are the bits and pieces of a larger whole. More importantly the title also suggests the continued fragmentation of our memory and our understanding of events. This process enables us to restructure the information inherent in materials thereby giving them new meaning. This body of work exists somewhere between that history and notions of consumption.


For me, sculpture is not only an object, but a chain of events.