2 - 30 June 2022

The landscape is my jump-off point. My visual springboard. My point of departure. 

In this collection of paintings, I continue to reimagine nature's color palette, albeit in ways that are  further removed visually from the original source. I have put a greater emphasis on memory and  embracing the unpredictability that comes out of the artistic process. 


I maintain a practice of creating small, sketchbook plein air paintings at nearby wetland areas. I am  particularly drawn to the way the richly textured landscape is reflected into adjacent waters, distorting form into pure shape and color. These small works are painted quickly to maintain their  responsive nature and often serve as compositional prompts back in the studio.  


My artwork straddles the line between representation and abstraction – creating a tension between  the real and the imagined, pictorial space and a celebration of the luscious surface of paint.  


I create my paintings with an expressive hand and a generous offering of color - creating imagery  which draws upon our shared connection to the natural world.