14 October - 23 November 2021

Shoes are befitting to who we are. 


They offer a glimpse into the life of the wearer. They have personality, speak of stature, strife, labor, and craft. In movement and standing still, they are suggestive for how one carries themself. Over time, they become worn, tired, wrinkled, scuffed, set aside, and lost. Within their textures and antiquity I am drawn to search for a story.


Beneath the layers of deconstruction are the unseen details, last touched by the shoe's unknown crafter. Each set of shoes offers a new puzzle for how to create a reconnection. Using all the components removed from the pair, I bring back each layer with a natural connection, sewn and stitched to match the maker's craftsmanship. 


The result is a sense of collaboration reaching from past to present. I find multiple meanings within the creations: balance, stillness, partnership, rhythm, relationship, discomfort. I also find memories of friends who have passed, and totems to friends who remain.