KIRK WELLER: FROM A DISTANCE: Across the Great Divide

2 September - 12 October 2021

The title of this show was taken from two songs popularized by Nanci Griffith, a wonderful folk musician, who died this August.  We’ve had a lot of loss lately so it seemed fitting to take titles from two songs she brought to form:  

From a Distance, written by Julie Gold, appeals to a universal sentiment that if we step outside of our daily controversies and consider the world as a whole, it becomes small and we can find common purpose across the globe.   This is something I feel every time I am in high untrammeled places.  Seeing things from a distance helps us to unbind from ourselves.
Across the Great Divide, written by Kate Wolf, is a contemplation involving personal change.  We find such change reflected in the cycle of a day, the seasons, the lives of wild inhabitants, or the epochal changes in the very strata of the Earth.  Our personal change is merged with that of our world.  We are no longer torn: We are part of a great whole again.    

I hope these paintings reinstill these two notions so important for our time.