6 - 31 May 2021

2020, it is obvious to say, brought many changes to us all.  It was, and still is, a confusing time in which to plan and make “life decisions”.  It was in July of 2020 when my partner and I, Maria Carey, were given the opportunity to make a big change and move from Bend, Oregon, where I had been living for 30 years to Mendocino California, or more specifically Little River.  A good friend, Treece Wright, has a family home that has been in her family since the late 60’s that sits right on the northern California coast.  She was gracious in allowing us to take over this house – “The Sea Witch” for a time and create a space in which to repose … take a deep pacific-filled breath.  The fact that her late father was also an artist who derived much inspiration from the property brought a sense of continuity to our being there.  


When thinking about the title for this show “Transitions” … it seemed a natural idea.  At that time I needed a change and found I was wanting something fresh both in life and environs – a reunion with nature and the process of painting.  All of the works in this show are painted directly from nature.  They are depictions of a particular place and time.  Nature there is very dynamic, always changing … the wind, fog, tide … sun in and out, make for an exciting and challenging time trying to capture in an image this transitory world.  What you see here on these walls is my attempt to record what I was seeing, feeling – hearing and a deep felt longing … all the time aware that this time would come to an end.  And now I ask myself … and then?


A big thank you to my love Maria Carey who has been a constant source of inspiration, encouragement and support, to Laura Vincent who believes my paintings worthy of sharing and to Treece Wright – who really made this adventure possible.


Ken Roth, May 2021