6 - 31 May 2021
My work in this show is a continuation of work that has been growing in large part since 1980 when a friend introduced me to Richard Diebenkorn’s work. I came to realize my connection to structure and how it helps bring some order into a life teetering on the edge of chaos. I frequently introduce geometric shapes and somewhere along the way I realized the importance diagonals can have. They can be strong, supportive, elegant. Bring everything together.
The real reason I paint is the paint. I get into the lusciousness and gooeyness of the paint as I slather it around, mixing with the others, complementing and struggling with them all in a process I refer to as SPONTUITIVE.
I want the paintings to feel alive. You look at the painting and it feels as though the artist could return any moment and continue working. Not because it isn’t complete, rather the aliveness is beckoning. STAY WITH ME, please.
William Park