27 February - 2 May 2020

This current body of work represents for me an attempt to approach painting from a new point of view. My preoccupation has been to challenge myself with the process by which I build an image, specifically an attention to surface, chromatic range, special definition, luminosity, and the tension of open and closed form. Freeing myself from a figurative image was an important shift for me personally. In letting go of a preconceived idea or visually literal subjects, I am finding a different vocabulary of forms and symbols that have meaning. Never have I considered this shift in imagery as in conflict with my past work. In a sense, I see it as having come before. This is a search both literal and metaphoric for the origins of my past, current and future work.


The title of this show: Through the Veil reflects my attempt to both identify and understand the subtext of this body of work. For me these images seem to hold a tension with seemingly parallel and sometimes conflicting realities. I am intrigued with the idea that these forms find a “rightness” and that spacially there is an organic wholeness … and yet I am comforted by the reality that ultimately these images are in a constant state of flux. They are in my mind never really finished, rather they are temporarily held in this particular place and time. I feel as though I could be off and running with them again at any time.