4 - 27 August 2022
I used to travel to the San Juan Islands in the beautiful Puget Sound each summer when I was a young adult. Somehow, I stopped going there. In retrospect, I feel I have been distracted, or displaced with my mind and thoughts in other places the last 25 years. I took a wrong turn and missed out on someplace so close to home.

I started thinking of those waters and their islands of shapes and sizes. I am so happy to have returned to them this spring (although I sorely missed the company of the orcas whales that used to dance alongside you on the ferry). When you are there it's another world. The spell of size and amount of islands (spread from Seattle area to north of Vancouver, Canada) captivates you.

This body of Puget Sound monotypes is dedicated to refocusing on this sacred space. I hope it is the beginning of many more art journeys and artworks attempting to translate their sheer size and hypnotic beauty on paper.